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Pallavi Lele, the notable Kathak Dancer who is trained under the able guidance of Guru Mrs. Bhavana Lele, her mother. She started observing the dance at the age of 3 and legacy of mother inspired here to pursue Kathak Dance as a profession.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Post Graduate in Kathak.

Her lists of achievement include –

  • Scholarship holder from Ministry of Culture in the field of Kathak
  • 3 times Gold Medalist in International Cultural Olympiad
  • She is graded artist in Doordarshan
  • Dance performance in national and international events.  

Here, the Instagram Live conversation with Pallavi Lele on 9th May 2020

Bharatiya Dance – Tell us about your journey of dance as profession

Pallavi Lele –  I have been observing dance since the age of 3 and Mother herself is the Guru Maa. She is the constant support to me on this journey.  

Bharatiya Dance – What are the biggest changes in the life of artists due to this Lockdown and  COVID 19?  

Pallavi Lele   There are lists of changes –

 1. Much time for self-learning and observation

 2. There is an increase in online interactions.

 3. Yes, we miss the practice sessions and performing on stage.  

Bharatiya Dance- What are the changes we are projecting in a change in learning of dance? Are the artists ready to transit in the new phase of online learning and teaching?  

Pallavi Lele –   Artists are the first to accept the changes. For example, dancers were used to performing individually with the team of music/instrument team then later the group performance has been started. Now artists are performing in recorded music too and one must know that it’s difficult to perform in recorded music which is time-limited and we have to engage with the audience too.  

Bharatiya Dance –  How effective is social media in today’s age in the life of an artist?  

Pallavi Lele –   Yes, it is very important and it works as the portfolio to an artist. We get to know about events and other information through social media. After all, the artist should be socially connected and today’s online media is one of them.  

Bharatiya Dance- This lockdown situation shows that teaching and learning situations are going to change. Do you agree on this point?  

Pallavi Lele –  We can say that 50% of changes will be there but the importance of real-time teaching and learning to be effective in dance as we are required to observe every tiny detail and need to correct the same in real-time.  

Bharatiya Dance-  That is true, but online media is enabling large access and reachability to more learners.  

Pallavi Lele –  Yes, we can’t deny the strength of online media but one on training is equally important.  

Bharatiya Dance- Can you please share about Guru Shishya Prampra?  

Pallavi Lele – In my case, my Guru is My Mother who is with me. Especially in the art form, we are required to strictly follow the instructions provided by Guru and the observation of Gurus is so accurate to give the advanced training to Shihya and promote teaching as well under Guru’s guideline.  

Bharatiya Dance- As we are talking about training, we need to know about Riyaaz.  

Pallavi Lele – Riyaaz in dance is a center point and one should be consistent on it. Every single step needs more detailed knowledge and countless practice.  

Bharatiya Dance- What about the Sahitya Addyan in Dance?  

Pallavi Lele – As another field, learning and reading include the Dance and it is important too. Until one knows the real meanings and story in dance (Dance) He/She can express what needs to be conveyed.  

Bharatiya Dance- What if the same opportunities will be provided by the online platforms?  

Pallavi Lele –  Yes, lots of platforms are available these days but the outcome should be effective. It should include both performer and the organizer and a link between them for easy access to opportunities.  

Bharatiya Dance- Anything else about the platform?  

Pallavi Lele – Yes, we should agree that the profile of the artist’s other details should be accurate with the option to update on regular time.  

Bharatiya Dance- With these notes, we will conclude today’s session and we’re more than happy to host you another time as well, and thanks for such insights in the discussion.  

Pallavi Lele – Thank you so much and I suggest other artists be involved in the campaign to at least share the knowledge and participate in the time of this pandemic.  

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