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Dance is natural, anybody can dance, move your body on beats – these are the common things which we hear in our surrounding but it’s not that easy as it seems. 

For an introvert, any kind of movement is dance but in social rhythm, movements, fine-tuning if in the group required to match up with others. 

There is always room for improvement in the process of learning. Let’s start to learn to dance at home as a beginner-

1. Define the style

As a beginner, you should know which type of music and dance you love the most. Anything which is in our interest will be most prioritized by your body and mind which eventually helps you to learn fast and it will boost your confidence too. Here is the list to prepare about dance style and starting of your learning process 

  • What type of music do you listen to?
  • Which artist do you look up to?
  • As a beginner, what are the basics you should follow to continue the learning process?
  • What is the expertise level you want to achieve?
  • Also, do you enjoy learning dance?

how to learn dance at home

2. Work on footwork

After deciding the dance style of your interest, you are a bit clearer about the whole dance process and now need to start from footwork. All dance types starts with footwork which is the base of dance as it involves body movement and breathing. A proper footwork is base of body posture and overall body movements. 

3. List down the steps and follow in slow motion

Let’s start with a very practical way of learning where the framework need to define to mind about the details of leaning. One should make ease to learn if the steps are defined and repetition will be there. 

4. Think Simple & learn effectively

Anything difficult in the beginning will haunt your mind and it’ll resit to follow, so ensure that the steps should be simple and fun included.

5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

As we are repeatedly doing the footwork, body movement included, its basic nature to jump on next learning steps without commanding the basics. Anything above or beyond the capacity will hamper overall dance learning process. So, initially, take a baby step to learn dancing. 

6. Refer the videos

This is the gift in a digital era where everything is accessible on one  click. Make use of digital resources, follow the videos of dancers. You can check the top 10 dance app which is the curated list of best dancer resources. 

7. Develop a vocabulary

In the start it’s the only movement of the body but to excel one should develop the vocabulary related to music, beats, movement, and emotions which is memorizing further and apply on further learning. Vocabulary in dance also important as there are various dance forms and it will help you to explore more as possible. 

Here are the simple tricks –

  • Name the steps and memorize
  •  Use counting while stepping and catch the rhythm
  • One can name the emotions too which will helpful to showcase in the form of expression.

8. Make a daily routine 

The routine is ultimate power which can do wonders. There are lists of ways to practice dancing and set up the routine. Believe it, your routine practice will bring a magic change it will boost your dance performance.

9. Put it on the loop 

The range of art is infinite, the more you discover the more dimension it will unfold. Your dance moves will make a flow if the practice will be in the loop. Remember, repetition is the key and it will unlock many dimensions.

10. Record the dance practice –

Yes, record the dance practice and observe and share    with others for the inputs. Don’t judge but point out where to improve.

Bonus –

The art is all about your interest and passion to pursue. It will be too hard if don’t enjoy the process and lack in your interest. It’s all about emotion,an expression which is all creation of various dance movements. 

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