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The International Dance Day has been celebrated annually on 29th April since 1982, following its inception by the Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute, the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO. It is celebrated on the anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet.

What is the unique way of celebrating International Dance Day?

On this day, the concern organization the International Dance Committee and the International Theater Institute select dance personality who has made an impact in dance field to write a message for International Dance Day each year with a unique viewpoint. This day is to wake up call to all that the art form can be a sign of positive change in society, contribution to the growth of economy and equality at the same time. The occasion has celebrated the uniformity and celebrates humankind all above the region, case, creed, biased and politics. 

The dance is the relationship between past and present where the heritage can be preserved and can be for life forever as it includes human activity. In the same manner, there is more impact as it requires the involvement. Dance is more evolved, with heritage value it builds up the relation. Also, dance is the most honest expression to humankind as when people dance, in any dance form, they represent the moment with honesty.

The International Dance Committee – IDC

The IDC make an ownership to promote the dance through various activities, celebration, conduction dance workshop in various regions and partner along with international dance communities to spread the message about dance community. 

YearMessage Author(s)Nationality
2018Marianela BoánCuba
2017Trisha BrownUSA
2016Lemi PonifasioSamoa & New Zealand
2015Israel GalvánSpanish
2014Mourad MerzoukiFrench
2013Lin Hwai-minChinese Taipei
2012Sidi Larbi CherkaouiBelgium
2011Anne Teresa De KeersmaekerBelgium
2010Julio BoccaArgentina
2009Akram Khan (dancer)United Kingdom
2008Gladys AgulhasSouth Africa
2007Sasha WaltzGermany
2006Norodom SihamoniCambodia
2005Miyako YoshidaJapan
2004Stephen PageAustralia
2003Mats EkSweden
2002Katherine DunhamUnited States
2001William Forsythe (choreographer)United States
2000Alicia Alonso, Jiří Kylián & Cyrielle LecueurCuba, Russia & France
1999Mahmoud RedaEgypt
1998Kazuo OhnoJapan
1997Maurice BéjartFrance
1996Maya PlisetskayaRussia
1995Murray LewisUnited States
1994Dai AilianChina & Trinidad and Tobago
1993Maguy MarinFrance
1992Germaine AcognyBenin and Senegal
1991Hans van ManenNetherlands
1990Merce CunninghamUnited States
1989Doris LaineFinland
1988Robin HowardUnited Kingdom
1987Dance Committee of ITIInternational
1986Chetna JalanIndia
1985Robert JoffreyUnited States
1984Yury GrigorovichRussia
1983No Message AuthorN/A
1982Henrik NeubauerSlovenia

International Dance Day 2018

Message by Marianela Boan, Cuba Choreographer, dancer and teacher.

Your body begins before you and is the place of all the rituals that belong to you. When you listen to your body through dance, you also hear the bodies and dances of seduction and celebration which belong to your ancestors and your species.

In your body you carry the dances that will save you. The one who dances touches the other beyond the skin; dance touches their weight and smell, it defeats the tactile screens and it erases the borders between bodies and nations. I have lived on both sides of history. I have seen poverty and wealth, landscapes and bodies fed and abused by power. My work excavates, looking for the real bodies among those officially on display.

Being a choreographer in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the magical islands where I live, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and people dancing before birth, is an unmentionable privilege. Dancing is the great antidote to the madness of mankind. To each displaced person, refugee and exile from around the world, I say: you have a country that goes with you that nothing and no one can take away; the country of your body.

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