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Anything which achieves excellence is the result of consistency, routine, and daily practice. To professional dancers, the stamina and energy required to perform and better stability in the long run. Here is the list of daily practices that can add values in a dance routine, the stability of body, and the perfect balance of mind. In general, there overall stability and improvement in dancing. 

1. Stretch every Morning: Dance is more of body movements along with the balancing of mind. A daily stretching routine will add value to strengthen the muscle, flexibility of body and uniform blood circulation. More the stretching will be, less the chances of any injuries as the body is already in that flexible state. One should stretch before all cardio workouts and starting the dance practice.  

    Benefit of stretching –

  • Increase body flexibility and reduce the chance of injuries.
  • The stretching activity improves the blood circulation through the body which directly benefits mental health as improvement in Attention, learning memory. 
  • Stretching Improve in breathing technique, body motion and 
improve your dancing

2.Practice improving muscle memory: What is repeatedly done is lead to automation and it is proven not in the dance field but also in other fields where human involvement is required. Muscle memory is eventually a brain saver that knows the most of the next steps which are the result of multiple practices. The more one practice, the smooth outcome is shown. 

The key to building the best muscle memory is to focus on the quality of practice than quality. We’ve heard that the 10,000 Hours is the magic number to make an expert or call it a pro from the very beginner., but if one carelessly builds the muscle memory, it will add up the mistakes too. So, while practicing take it slow at first and then proceed with accuracy and repeat to build up the muscle memory.

3.Eat better & Maintain the shape: The body is the result of what we consume and its performance is directly related to the quality of food one consumes. The healthy food should include fresh vegetables, protein, vitamins & minerals. It will help to maintain lean muscle in the body.

We all know the benefits of good eating habits which play a vital role in daily routine. Here are the key pointers –

Before Dance Practice – Eating a small breakfast before dance practice which includes protein and carbohydrates. 

After Dance Practice – Take water but not too much, fruits & full of protein.

4. Review and Relearn: As we do the review in our daily work routine and measure the performance, the same way an artist should review and performance to know the area of improvement. It can only be possible if the detailed be there and pointers and consistent practice to improve further. 

         Benefits of Review & Relearn –

  • It is a mirror image that can’t be ignored and we are able to judge our performance without any filter.
  • The realization and rework results to and improvement curve which is highly needed to an artist where a technique of single breath is too important. 
  • It is a kind of moral support where a dancer measures the improvement with reference to multiple practices. 

5. Watch more and practice a lot: An artist should watch and refer the video tutorial intend to learn and improve further. There is no substitute for regular practice and to speed up the learning, refer to the video tutorial of your respective dance forms. 

Bonus – The minor details which an artist should not ignore is the body posture. One should closely observe the overall body movement and correct as required. In brief, dance is all about the movement in rhythm to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.

Dancing is not one-time learning and performing, it required consistency and the perfect balance of mind and body. 

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