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Ghoomar is the folk dance of Rajasthan which is performed by the women in the group by forming a circle altogether. While dancing round and round, this dance needs immense skill to maintain the uniform distance throughout and look elegant in the group. Apart from the skill, it needs too much stamina as it goes for hours. 

Highlights of Ghoomar Dance

  1. Ghoomar meaning dancing in the round and round circle in group maintaining the equal distance.
  2. The Ghoomar Dance (Goomar Dance) is performed by women only.
  3. This dance is a symbol of womanhood. Women are the heart and soul of Ghoomar (Goomar)
  4. This dance exclusively performed in notable festivals, grand weddings, and social functions, etc.
  5. It is performed when a newly married bride reaches her new home (Sasural) in front of her mother in law and with various steps include with her Sister in Law  (Nanad Bhabi Dance)

Origin and history of Ghoomar Dance

Ghoomar is a dance traditionally narrated by the Bhil tribe of Rajasthan to worship Goddess Saraswati. Later on, the dance was adopted by various other communities of Rajasthan and also known as  ‘folk dance of the state’.

This folk dance became so much popular during the region of Rajputs and is typically performed by women in groups. As per traditional reference, no men were allowed during the dance (goomar dance) so it was strictly women-centric only. (Rajgharana Musicians allowed at a particular distance and specific place only.)

Also, Rajghrarana’s daughter, Rajmata expresses their emotions in the folk songs about their marriage, self emotion, and ambitions. 


  • Ghoomar ramvane aap padharo saa.
  • Rumal Mharo Leta Jaijo –
  • Mor Bole Re 
  • Kuve Par Aekli 

Costume Description

Women in Ghoomar dancewear beautiful Chaniya in colors like red, green, orange, pink or blue with heavy fabrication or mirror work along with blouses. A scarf covers the head and is decorated with mirror work, ‘gota’ or lace on a crystalline colored piece of cloth. The skirts are wide to ensure that they spin and flow during the dance.

The chaniya is made up of cotton, silk, saffron as per the occasion and “zari work” is common in all chaniya and blouse are of plane color. 


‘Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy’ was instituted by Maharani Rajmata Goverdhan Kumari of Santrampur in 1986, to conserve and promote Ghoomar folk dance (goomar dance). The Government of India conferred her the fourth highest civilian honor of the Padma Shri, in 2007, for her benefactions to arts.

Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance Songs

  1. Jaipur jao to-Traditional Rajasthani Folk Dance 
  2. Chirmi Mhari Chirmali
  3. Aave Hichki – Traditional Rajasthani Ghoomar song
  4. Mhari Ghoomar Chye Nakhrali
  5. Jawai Ji Pawna – Rajasthani folk song
  6. Taara Ri Chundadi
  7. Mharo Gorband Nakhralo
  8. Naina Ra Lobhi
  9. Aur Rang De 

Ghoomar dance step by step tutorial

Ghoomar Dance Covers

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